Spirit Animal

I don't buy into astrology all that much. Taurus is my zodiac sign, but I've never particularly been fond of it. Stubborn? Materialistic? Gimme a break. And for that matter, I'm not all that convinced that the alignment of planets that are millions of miles from Earth has anything to do with how my life plays out.

But that's not to say that I don't dabble in the mystical.

For example, my spirit animal is a Labrador Retriever. No question about it, take it to the bank.

Let's examine further:

I'm loyal, loveable, happy, and friendly to everyone I meet. In a dog it's a wonderful quality, but I find that my fellow humans tend to get freaked out by it a bit. Also, it's gotten me into a fair bit of trouble over the years. Sometimes I get so stoked to meet friends or go on adventures that I'll make plans in a fit of excitement, only to later remember that I have no ability to actually fulfill those commitments*. I just get caught up in the moment.

*More on that: I'm a pretty regular dude. A 40+ hour per week job takes up a ton of my time, physical energy, and mental clarity.  And when I'm not at work, I have an incredible wife and two rambunctious dogs with whom I love spending time. All of this makes it very hard for me to find a place in a Boulder trail running community that values day-long adventures, ass-kicking vert, and post-run beers. Most of my runs have to be "squeezed in." It's why I tend to be so active on social media: it's my way of feeling connected to others who love the same weird sport I do. So please forgive me if I don't show up to the early morning social run. I desperately want to be there, but more than likely I had to work until 2AM the night before.

Labs are also famous for being clumsy. That means sliding around on wood floors, backing into tables, and tail-whipping drinks. With me, it means....well, a lot of the same things. I can't be trusted to paint anything without ruining carpet or clothes. If coffee or a meal is on the agenda, I know to avoid wearing light-colored shirts. And you'd better believe that the toe of my shoe will find every rock in the trail. But I do it all with a big dumb smile on my face.

As for exercise, I basically just copy and pasted the following passage about Labs: I have energy to spare. I love running, hiking, swimming and playing fetch for hours on end. A simple stroll around the block isn't gonna cut it. I need to run every day in order to burn off excess energy. If I'm not properly exercised, I become destructive and chew anything I can get my mouth on.

Like pizza.

And there's more in there about being great with kids and having a strong desire to please, but you get the picture.

This is who I am. I'm learning to love the tricky parts along with the wonderful parts. It's not always easy, but neither is running. And on my journey to self-acceptance, I hope you can take me for who I am, too.

What's your spirit animal?


  1. I believe that, as I change, evolve and grow (hopefully) my current spirit animal, who has loved and guided me, leads me to my next guardian. As a bruised and seeking child, I was a Blue Gill...lived in the water, sparkled in the sun and feared the dark.
    At one point in my life my spirit animal was a stoat. Mutable, observant, strong, underestimated.
    My spirit animals never leave but they reach out and include. My most recent...and dominant...is a feral cat. As for my colony, get too close and I'll smack you, too far away and I'll feel bereft. I would like someone to feed me, but I'll survive if they don't. Be calm and free of drama, accept who I am and appreciate that I hunt for you (well, carry out spiders if they freak you out) I will eventually wrap around your ankles. And yet, nothing is needed. As long as you understand...ok, scratch me gently on the head. I don't really like you...no, really...wait, are you leaving?

  2. I don't know why I didn't get a notification when you left this comment, but I love it! Guardians that guide us until it's time to pass us along to the next. You're spot on. :)


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