March 2018 Recap

It took me a minute to shake off the disappointment of last month, but now I'm ready to do my monthly recap.

March was tough. I battled a bizarre leg ailment that kept me uncomfortable for close to three weeks. After a trip to the doctor and x-rays that came back clean, I decided to gently train through the injury. Slow, short runs combined with self-massage seem to have done the trick, as I'm now able to return to normal running activities. It's still not 100%, but it seems to be improving as I gain strength. That's all the green light I need.


Distance: 39.7 miles (down from 82.6 last March)
Time Spent Running: 6hr 39min (way down from 13:03 last March)
Elevation Gain: 1,002 ft (down from 3,955 ft last March)

I can't let myself get as discouraged as I'm feeling right now. I feel like a worthless failure. Sure, I was fighting off an injury, and I had to rest the way I did, but it's still tough. I tend to be a numbers-driven person, whether I like it or not. Numbers don't lie. But in this case, they don't tell the whole story, so I'm gonna try to cut myself some slack.

  • Since coming back from injury, I'm getting things dialed in much better.
    • April has already gotten off to a strong start, so that's got me feeling optimistic for the running season. I'm getting my nutrition where it needs to be, and I'm incorporating more strength training than ever before (still not a ton, mind you, but it's progress!)
  • I'm feeling confident that I'll be able to complete my Spring races.
    • I was worried for a minute that I wouldn't be able to run the Flying Pig or North Fork, but now I think they'll get done. The times won't be pretty, but hey...
    • I could've done more while I was recovering from injury.
      • It's hard to get out for a bike ride when the weather blows, but I could've at least gone to the gym and used the indoor bike. Something low-impact to get my heart rate up. I can honestly say, I hope I never have the opportunity to remedy that mistake! 
    Let's aim for consistency this month. I'm off to a good start. Keep it going.



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