January 2018 Recap + Goals for the Year

At some point around New Year's day, I decided I still wanted to be a runner.

Okay, that's not fair. I knew I still wanted to be a runner, but I just didn't have any desire to get off the couch and do any actual running. Muscle memory can work against me sometimes, and my legs hadn't quite shaken the memory of the Indian Creek 50-Miler back in late October. There's a big part of my personality that loves making excuses. Fighting against that part of my psyche is what keeps me running. And I was tired of losing that fight.

So the calendar page flipped, and I consciously flipped my mentality along with it.

We live in Weld County now, in a brand new neighborhood surrounded by farms. There aren't as many trails as there are dirt roads, but they're perfect for running. There's nowhere to hide from the wind, the sun, or the mud. The cars...well, trucks...are few and far between.

Oh, and we got rid of our treadmill in the move, so all my winter running will take place outside. Time to embrace the cold and snow!

I started my January with enthusiasm, and finished with humility. Instead of returning gradually, I kicked things off with a 30 mile week (high for me). But the early pounding caught up with me and I came down with a wicked case of shin splints and calf pain that forced me to take a few days off. But with a fresh pair of shoes, I came back and finished the month strong.

Distance: 90.7 miles
Time Spent Running: 15:34
Elevation Gain: 2,428 ft

Looking back at the numbers for the month, I can already tell what my challenge will be in our new town: finding some significant elevation gain. I'll have to make more of a conscious effort to get up to the mountains.

I'm FAR from an elite runner. I really just aim to improve year after year, working towards being the best me I can be. My goals for 2018 are:

  • Run at least 1,500 miles. Last year I managed 1,023.
  • Climb at least 120,000 ft. Last year I managed 94,321.
  • Complete two 50 Mile trail events. Ideally in less than 12 hours depending on the course and the conditions.
Okay! Let's get out there and run!



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