June 2017 Recap

A warm Skyline Traverse on June 8
Wow. June was special.

No, nobody's going to start throwing sponsorships my way, and I'm not making any podiums anytime soon, but my numbers were off the charts compared to my usual monthly efforts. Something's changing in me...

I'm very proud of my June. Let's have a look.

Distance: 131.4 miles (up from 99.6 in May)
Time Spent Running: 29:34:16 (up from 18:33:11 in May)
Elevation Gain: 14,387 ft (up from 4,389 in May)

The steady mileage increase continues! Since I've got almost a full 4 months until Indian Creek 50, I've been using this early training time to build my aerobic base and strengthen my legs. My goal was to increase my mileage a little bit every week, and I've been mostly successful! But additionally, I logged more time running in the mountains than ever before. I'm trying things I never would've tried in the past, believing full well that I can accomplish them. I'm running on a whim more often, instead of having to plan everything out days in advance. This. Is. FUN!

  • Mileage way up. 
    • 131 miles is easily the most I've ever logged in a month. and sure, plenty of elite runners log that kind of number in a single week, so I'm not gonna settle with 131. But for me that's a huge leap forward!
  • Time on feet way up.
    • So much of mountain ultra running seems to be about spending a lot of time on your feet, making that relentless forward progress. I'm thrilled that I spent almost 30 full hours running this month! Again, easily the most I've ever logged in a month.
  • Elevation gain WAY up.
    • This is the biggie for me. I smoked last month's elevation gained by a full 10,000 feet! I mean... to put this in perspective, in all of 2016, I only climbed 23,610 feet. The entire year. So to say that gaining 60% of that number in a single month in 2017? Yeah. That's a huge win for me.
  • Trying new stuff.
    • It was so warm during my Skyline Traverse that I had to dunk myself into a stream to cool my core temperature down a bit. I ran through water, mud, and snow without blinking during my High Lonesome Loop run earlier this week. I endured hot, miserable temps all month long. These all seem like trivial little things, but to a guy who has historically avoiding running in anything above 70 degrees, or would panic at the thought of a water crossing, this is a huge shift in mentality.

  • Social media.
    • I'd like to build my social media presence more, and find new ways to engage with the running community. I know that has so little to do with actual success when it comes to the sport, but I enjoy the hell outta meeting runners and sharing pics and stories with them! It's part of the fun for me, and I'd like to hold up my end of the deal better instead of just being a consumer of others' adventures.
Okay, that's all for now! Let's aim for 150 miles in July and see what happens!



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