May 2017 Recap

Mt. Sanitas summit on 5/30
It's June, friends! That can only mean a handful of things here in Colorado: The Rockies baseball club will start their annual downward spiral into irrelevancy, there will be daily rain showers from 2pm-3pm, and I'm going to start reading trailhead/peak condition reports in hopes of sneaking in an early 14er or two!


Distance: 99.6 miles (up from 75.5 in April)
Time Spent Running: 18hr 33min 11sec (up from 12:54:53 in April)
Elevation Gain: 4,389 ft (down from 6,151 in April)

In a month that saw me complete my first ultra at the Greenland Trail 50k, I'm proud to say that the progress I finished April with has continued! I still feel focused and motivated. Like I hoped for at the end of last month, I've steadily begun to increase my weekly mileage, while making sure to take all the steps necessary to prevent injury and burnout.

  • I'm starting to get my nutrition figured out a little better. 
    • As Alex and I sell our house and wait for our new one to be built, we've been staying with family nearby. I was concerned that this would send me into a downward spiral of restaurant food and Starbucks coffees, but the opposite has happened. We've been preparing more meals at home than ever before, most of which are whole foods based.
  • I officially registered for my first 50-mile event!
    • I'll be running the 50-mile course this October in the Indian Creek Fifties.
  • I ran more consistently in May than in April.
    • I was back in action within a couple days of finishing Greenland, and I took fewer unplanned recovery days than in April. Score!
  • While I ran more often, they weren't necessarily quality runs. 
    • I only finished the month with one fartlek run, one long run (aside from Greenland), and one mountain run. The rest of my miles were at a very easy pace. And while that certainly helps to further build my aerobic base, I need to really make sure I'm getting in those quality miles, too!
Okay, that's all for now! Let's aim for 120 miles this month!



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