2017 Event Calendar

You may have noticed a change in me recently.

About a month ago, I came down with a sickness. I woke up with it one morning, and I've been walking around with it ever since.

That sickness: the overwhelming desire to run ultramarathons.

I don't know how I caught this disease, but the symptoms are plain to see:

When I'm backstage getting ready to perform, I devour chapters from Cory Reese's Nowhere Near First or Bryon Powell's Relentless Forward Progress

Any time I spend in the car is accompanied by episodes of Ultra Runner Podcast. In fact, I started at the very beginning (episodes from 2011) and have downloaded so many that I maxed out my phone's storage.

Before I go to bed, I binge watch YouTube videos of athletes running in the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run, or UTMB.

And the running. Dear god, the running.

No moment is safe. Anytime I have more than an hour of free time to relax and unwind, I'll black out and then wake up to find myself wearing shorts and Mizunos, and I'm 3 miles into a trail run. I'll ask, "How did I get here?" But I know the answer.

I have a problem. Whatever fever it is that compels runners to want to test their limits, I've caught a bad case of it. And I'm told that, while there isn't necessarily a cure, it is treatable.

So here's my 2017 treatment timetable:
  • On May 6, I'll start with the Greenland Trail 50k in Larkspur, CO. That race will be my first foray into the world of ultrarunning. This one has been on my calendar for a while now. Maybe it was the gateway drug...
  • On May 21 I'll be teaming up with my beloved Red Shirt Running Team to tackle the Colfax Marathon relay! This is our third straight year at this event, and it's a blast every single time!
  • Later this summer, I'll jump back into the ultra world, but peppering in a bit more vertical gain at the Pikes Peak 50k in Colorado Springs on July 29.
  • And finally, to cap off the season, I'll run my first 50-mile event in Moab, UT at the Dead Horse 50 on Nov 18. Yep, folks. I'm gonna make the jump from 50k to 50m just in time to stuff my face with turkey and gravy. Scared but excited!
So that's that! It won't be a speedy recovery, as I'll be slowing down significantly from my marathon race pace, but it'll certainly be a beautiful journey.

Okay, enough with the metaphors and maladies.

If you're ever curious about what's going on in my training, or if you want to tag along for a run sometime, you can get updates and analysis right here. I'll be updating this blog semi-regularly, in hopes that it'll keep me honest and aware as I begin to increase my weekly mileage.

Also, I'm a total rookie at this, so if you wanna dole out any words of wisdom, I'll take 'em!

Thanks y'all! See you on the trails!



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