Hello....It's Me...

Hi! I'm Joe Von Bokern. I'm somebody who really enjoys running and hiking, and I've created this blog to chronicle my adventures here in Colorado.

I've run a handful of marathons across the country, and I hope to complete an ultra-marathon in the near future. This blog is where I'll tell stories about training, races, hikes, diet, and inspiration on the road to...uh...wherever it is I'm headed!

The reason I decided to call this blog Breaking 'Burbs is because that's exactly what I'm doing. My lovely wife and I live in the quiet suburbs of Denver, surrounded by a whole lot of good folks. It's a comfortable existence, but it's easy to get sucked into the belief that happiness is being a fat, lazy consumer. Here, success is often measured by the numbers on a bank statement, or the car in a driveway.

I want to measure my success in the miles I've run. In the summits I've reached. In the finish lines I've crossed. In the self-doubts I've shattered.

Maybe nobody will read this, but that's alright. I'm doing this mostly for myself anyway. But if you are reading this, then I hope you enjoy it!



  1. Even the burbs can offer inspiration. Run like the wind. Love you.


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